Chapter 165 – True Soul Spear

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Chapter 165 – True Soul Spear
Translated by: Daikon, GGP, Zdog and Anne!
Edited by: Sachin, Zephir, Video, Kaylee, Based Jessica and Northfury!

Kaa Chaa!

As I heavily slashed the boss’ head, I yelled out, “Everyone back off! I’ll deal with him alone! His [Thunderbolt Finger] is a lightning attack that can bounce! The single target damage on it is too high! Old K, where’s your soul? Can you revive?”

In the party chat, Old K replied, “ Yup, my soul is back at the first floor of the Five Barbarians Desolate Tomb. I can revive if I just run here!

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Chapter 164 – Thunderbolt Finger

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Chapter 164 – Thunderbolt Finger
Translated by: DeviousBookworm, Anne, Zdog and GGP!
Edited by: Sachin, Zephir, Kaylee and Based Jessica!

【Nebula Armor】 (Purple Tier Armor)
Category: Armor
Defense: 320
Strength: +40
Endurance: +37
Extra: Increases magic resistance by 21%
Extra: Nebula Rain–Summons the power of the stars to reduce the defense of surrounding hostile targets within 5 meters by 7%

Level Requirement: 54

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Chapter 163 – Countering the Sky Bear Slash

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Chapter 163 – Countering the Sky Bear Slash
Translated by: Zdog, Anne and GGP!
Edited by: Sachin, Zephir, Video, Noah, Seb and Kaylee!

Holding my sword, I inched forward bit by bit and finally received the BOSS’s information to share in the party chat –

[Qiang Emperor – Yao Xing] (Purple Tier boss)
Level: 58
Attack: 1570-1950
Defense: 1120
Health: 280000

Abilities: [Penetration] [Flame Blade] [Sky Bear Slash]

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Chapter 162 – Whirlwind Slash

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Chapter 162 – Whirlwind Slash
Translated by: Deception and GGP!
Edited by: Manvender and Sachin!

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When Li Xiong’s body toppled to the ground, a pile of treasure came flooding out. Rubbing my eyes at the sight, I had to admit that these drops were incredible. The floor was packed with gold coins, gems, cards, and most importantly, equipment. Even the group of people behind me were salivating at the drops.

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Zhan Long Chapter 161 – Battle Emperor of Di

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Chapter 161 – Battle Emperor of Di
Translated by Deception and GGP!
Edited by Sachin, Zephir and Video!

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Looking at the Boss in the distance, I whispered to the group, “A Lv 57 Purple Tier Boss! Can we even kill him? He has 250,000 health!”

Yuzi Chengshuo asked, “How do we fight him?”

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Chapter 160 – Di Emperor Li Xiong

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Chapter 160 – Di Emperor Li Xiong
Translated by: Zdog, GGP
Edited by: Noah, Sachin, Seb, Zephir

This chapter was sponsored by Denny denny, Akeem Thompson, Howie Zhu, Sai Pakalapati and! Thanks!

“Old man?”

I got down on one knee and extended my hand to help him up. The old man shivered and slowly raised his head. A hint of color returned to his sunken face as he stared at me in surprise: “Youngster…you…why did you come to a place so full of evil?”

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Chapter 159 – The Blacksmith Old Man

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Chapter 159 – The Blacksmith Old Man
Translated by: Deception, GGP
Edited by: Manvender, Video, Noah, Zdog, Based Jessica

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Carrying the giant key, I walked to the bottom of the wolf’s head and slowly placed it into the corresponding place. I heard the sounds of crackling and turning and another “boom” as the mechanisms inside rotated. Holding the heavy steel key in place was almost unbearable; both of my hands were getting numb by the second.

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Chapter 156 – Singing in Laurel Forest

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Chapter 156 – Singing in Laurel Forest
Translated by: Deception, GGP
Edited by: Noah, Zdog, Samuel, Video and others

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Yue Qing Qian’s body suddenly struck out above the guard NPC’s shield, knocking him back. Yue Wei Liang had also suddenly vanished and without saying anything, she appeared behind another NPC guard. Raising her dagger, she stabbed at the back side of the guard’s body, knocking him away.

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Chapter 155 – Breaking out of the Royal Jail

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Chapter 155 – Breaking out of the Royal Jail
Translated by: Lnfan, GGP, Zdog
Edited by: Noah, Video, Samuel and others

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Lin Wan Er thought for a long time before saying, “Me, you, as well as Dong Cheng Yue. The three of us will start this quest together. Let’s clear all the beginning quests such as entering the quest zone, and then we’ll get the rest of them.”

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Chapter 154 – Ran Wei’s Provision Order

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Chapter 154 – Ran Wei’s Provision Order
Translated by: Deception, GGP, Zdog
Edited by: Video, Noah, and others

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“Explain what?!”

Clapping my hands together as I stood up, I answered, “I was actually just sleepwalking, so just go back to sleep everyone. You all need to get Strawberry Matcha to Lv 40 tomorrow anyways.”

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